Celebrate your RVTs in October!

This October marks the inaugural RVT Month across Canada.  All the clinics in Manitoba, who employ RVTs, will be receiving a RVT Month Kit in the next week that contains:

  1. RVT Month Poster
  2. #HugAnRVT pins/buttons
  3. I Love RVTs stickers
  4. I Love RVTs waterless temporary tattoos
  5. Dog Bite Prevention postcards
  6. RVT Month window cling
  7. RVT Fun Facts Sheet
  8. Plus our MVTA brochures and Vet Tech Magnets!

These supplies to help you decorate your clinic and allow you to promote and recognize the Registered Veterinary Technologists you have on staff.

During the month of October, you may want to consider celebrating your RVTs and recognizing their support to your clinic and their dedication to their profession by :

Social Media – why not host a Facebook or social media photo challenge? Encourage your clients to share photos of their pets with their favourite RVTs (which doubles as a way to collect photos that you may be able to use again in the future). Consider offering a prize to encourage your clients to get involved. When discussing RVT Month on social media, use the following hashtags so that the RVT provincial associations can easily share your posts and tweets:

  • #HugAnRVT
  • #RVTMonth
  • #oneweekjustwasntenough

Halloween – since the last day of RVT Month is Halloween, consider throwing an RVT Bash on Halloween day. Encourage clients, patients and your staff to dress up…and even have awards for the best costumes. It’s like an RVT celebration and Halloween party in one! The Dog Bite Prevention postcards in the RVT Month Kit make a great giveaway for trick or treaters. Giving out candy? Toss in a postcard for the kids as well. Preventing dog bites is a win for everyone.

RVT of the Week – do you have several RVTs on staff? Consider recognizing a different RVT each week during RVT Month on social media or in your reception area. Put up a picture of the RVT and tell your clients what makes that RVT so unique. What about an RVT of the Week award? Each week during RVT Month, recognize an RVT as the “RVT of the Week” for going above and beyond their regular duties

Make Them Feel Special – few things mean more to an RVT than having the respect of the DVMs and employers they work for. Show your RVTs how much you appreciate them by making them feel special:

  • Instead of having them decorate the clinic for RVT Month, decorate it for them!
  • Treat them to lunch or coffee…or even a massage!
  • Pay for a CE event for your RVT to attend. They get a CE event paid for, and you get an RVT advancing their education and skills. It’s a win-win.

A huge thank you to OAVT for developing and creating all of the RVT Month materials, and to WDDC for distributing them to all of our clinics in Manitoba that employ RVTs!

We do have a limited amount of extra kits, please let me know if you would like an additional one for your clinic.

Best regards,

Donna Taraschuk
Executive Director
Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association
p: 204-832-1394
a: 1590 Inkster Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W4
w: www.myMVTA.ca e: [email protected]