Province Proclaims October as Veterinary Technologists Month in Manitoba

Thank you to Manitoba Agriculture and our Minister, the Honourable Ralph Eichler, for proclaiming October as Veterinary Technologists month in Manitoba.

In a letter, dated September 27, 2018, the Minister writes…

On behalf of the Manitoba Government, I am pleased to proclaim the month of October as Veterinary Technologists Month.

The Province of Manitoba recognizes that Veterinary Technologist are an integral part of the animal health care team that supports the vibrant livestock industry in Manitoba and our valued companion animals.  Through the proclamation, we hope to raise awareness about the profession and the value it brings to an important economic driver.

I commend organization for promoting high standard and applaud the continued professional development that your members pursue.  I wish you and your Veterinary Technologists success.


Honourable Ralph Eichler