What is the

Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association?

The Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association (MVTA) has unified the voice of veterinary technologists in Manitoba since November 1982. The MVTA promotes professional advancement for veterinary technologists. We strive to offer veterinary technologists opportunities to enhance their skills, education and careers. We offer leadership and support for our members.

The MVTA advocates on behalf of veterinary technologists. We are current on regulations which affect veterinary technologists in Manitoba and we advocate for veterinary technologist interests with the government and the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.

Unifying the VOICE of our Members

    Our volunteer Board of Directors role is to UNIFY the VOICE of RVTs in Manitoba and our hired Executive Director takes all our action items and turns them into deliverables.

    How do we ADVOCATE?

    • We advocate for members' advancement, roles and responsibilities in their scope of practice, as well as for their rights and for the future of the RVT profession.  We advocated for voting rights with the MVMA, having the profession's title changed from animal health technologists to veterinary technologist, title protection in the veterinary medical act, gathering and publishing survey information so that our members can request fair wages and have conversations on issues affecting the profession.

    How do we PROMOTE?

    • We promote the profession with stakeholders, celebrations and awards, through social media and our website, in collaboration with stakeholders and through member achievements.

    How do we provide LEADERSHIP?

    • We lead through the many representations on committees, networking relationships with provincial associations, public speaking events and provide members with the opportunity to become mentors (or receive mentoring).

    How do we provide SUPPORT?

    • We support members by providing continuing education opportunities, through Homewood Health, by surveying members to gain insight on real issues and help find solutions, offering member discounts (Shapes, Marks, Fear Free) and allowing members the opportunity to apply for support through our Advancement Fund.

    Join us in UNIFYING the voice of RVTs in Manitoba.

    This year we are focusing on:

    • A complete review of RVTs scope of practice and micro-credentialing options in a joint committee with the MVMA.
    • A full compensation review, done by third party experts, for Manitoba with an opportunity for collaboration with other Provinces.
    • Hosting an in-person wet lab continuing education event in the spring of 2023 and reviewing CE options.
    • Planning celebrations for our 40th anniversary in November and RVTs in October.

    What to be part of the conversation?  We would love to have members participate and ask that you reach out to us at [email protected].

    Today the association has grown to a total of 549 members all across the province.

    Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association

    A Brief History

    The first meeting held by Animal Health Technologists in Manitoba was on May 12th 1982, at the U of M Agriculture Services Centre with only 10 registered members. There was discussion of joining the Saskatchewan Association but it was decided to form our own Manitoba Association. A name was determined – initially Manitoba Animal Health Technicians Association but was changed to Manitoba Animal Health Technologists Association soon after. In November 2016, the name was once again changed to the Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association (MVTA) in order to reflect the professions title change from Animal Health Technologist to Veterinary Technologists (VT) in the Veterinary Medical Act.

    The process of registering MVTA with the Manitoba government was initiated and the first Annual General Meeting was held August 28th, 1982, in Brandon. The logo was discussed at the first AGM and decided upon: the outline of the province with a bison in the centre, "AHT" at the bottom, and "Manitoba Animal Health Technologists Association" underneath.

    In 2017, the logo was revamped showcasing a modern version of the original. The MVTA was incorporated in November, 1982 and had the first Veterinary Technologist National Exam sitting in June of 1987.