Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing Education (CE) can be defined as educational courses provided by an institution or recognized organization which supplements, brings up to date and refreshes the information of a veterinary technologist.

In Manitoba, the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) as the regulator of the profession, is responsible for setting the CE policy for veterinary technologists. For a full version of the MVMA’s CE policy, CLICK HERE.


The MVMA requires technologists to take part in CE as part of their annual registration renewal. CE credits are earned by attending or completing scientific or non-scientific program courses relevant to a veterinary field justified to be within a veterinary technologist’s scope of a practice. All members must complete 15 (fifteen) hours of CE every accumulation period. Technologists may also carry forward up to 15 CE credits a year into the subsequent accumulation period.

Any online CE course must be RACE approved.