The MVTA and MVMA have been in discussions, since last year, with regards to registering our members with both associations jointly.  Up until now, this process was done by each organization, individually.

We are proud to announce that we have streamlined the registration and renewal process for our members (members, students and lifetime memberships).  We feel that this will be an easier process for our members and allow our Executive Director more time to work on the Association's actionable items.  This is the same model that has been used in Alberta for the past 10 years.

For the upcoming RVT renewal process (2024/2025):

  • Members will be sent ONE invoice that contains your MVMA and MVTA fees.
  • Members will complete ONE online renewal process through the MVMA.
    • The MVMA will collect and send information to the MVTA.
  • Members will make ONE payment to the MVMA.
    • The MVMA will remit fees directly to the MVTA.

Your membership renewals will be launched mid-April by the MVMA, so please stay tuned.  If you are looking to register as a NEW member in Manitoba, click the links below and it will direct you to the MVMA's website.

CLICK to Apply for Membership with MVMA and MVTA

Registration in Manitoba

All veterinary technologists must be registered in the Province of Manitoba with both the Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association and the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association. The registration year runs from July 1 to June 30th and renewals open mid-April annually.

The MVTA has three categories of membership:

  1. Membership - $165.60
    • Failure to submit required fees by renewal deadline shall result in a late renewal fee of $50 levied against the member in addition to the outstanding fees. Renewal fees paid after June 30 will be charged a reinstatement fee of $100 in addition to the membership fee.
  2. Lifetime Membership – fee waived
  3. Student Membership - fee waived

Member Application for Reinstatement Fee Refund

Under MVTA Policy, any member may request a refund of the Reinstatement Fee, once payment has been submitted.

A current member of the MVTA, who is:

  1. Unemployed for at least one year as a result of job loss;
  2. Not working due to illness, disability, or parental leave; or
  3. Experiencing other circumstances which, in the opinion of the MVTA Board, merit reinstatement fees to be refunded;

may apply to have their reinstatement fees refunded, on terms and conditions established by the MVTA Board.

Applications shall be submitted by the completion of the form below and if the refund is granted it shall apply to the dues payable for the then current year only. Please note that if the reinstatement fee refund is granted, it will be returned to the individual or group that paid for the fee. Applications may require up to 60 days to be processed.

CLICK to Apply for Reinstatement Fee Refund

International Technologists

The MVMA has recently passed a by-law that will allow for individuals to become members (an practice veterinary medicine as a Registered Veterinary Technologist in Manitoba) if they have a certificate from the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE®) issued by the American Association of Veterinary State Board (AAVSB).  This certificate program will be coming available to individuals in 2023.

Membership Withdrawal Form

If you are moving or have decided to change career paths, we require you to complete a short survey which will also inform us to withdraw you from the Association. If you require a letter of Good Standing, please contact the MVMA.

withdraw membership