MVMA Bylaws

As the regulatory body for the veterinary technologist profession in the province, the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), through its bylaws, is responsible for establishing the rules for veterinary technologist’s scope of practice. It is important to know that in order for veterinary technologists to practice the below mentioned scope of practice in 2-9-10 and 2-9-11, they MUST be members of both the MVTA and the MVMA. For the complete version of the MVMA Bylaws click HERE.

The scope of practice for veterinary technologists’ in the MVMA’s bylaw states:

Scope of practice

Under direct supervision

2-9-10 A Practicing Veterinary Technologist Member may, only under direct supervision,

(a) utilize chemical restraint;
(b) administer and maintain anesthetic and analgesia;
(c) intubate an animal;
(d) euthanize animals using humane and acceptable practices;
(e) perform dental prophylaxis;
(f) administer rabies vaccine;
(g) assist in surgery; and,
(h) administer enemas

scope of practice

Under indirect supervision

2-9-11 A Practicing Veterinary Technologist Member may, only under direct supervision or indirect supervision,

(a) collect, prepare, and analyze laboratory samples, such as blood samples by venipuncture; fecal samples; urine by free flow, catheterization, or cystocentesis; milk samples; body secretions, abscesses, and visible sores by swabbing; and, skin scrapings;
(b) administer medication and veterinary biologics (excluding rabies vaccines) via intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous routes or stomach tubing;
(c) administer and monitor fluid therapy;
(d) bandage and apply splints;
(e) take radiographs and ultrasonic images;
(f) administer laser and ultrasonic therapy;
(g) perform contrast procedures on the gastrointestinal tract and lower urinary tract;
(h) express anal sacs internally;
(i) utilize E.K.G. machines;
(j) tattoo and microchip animals;
(k) clean and irrigate external ear canals;
(l) administer local anesthetic for the purpose of dehorning food animals;
(m) dehorn food animals; and,
(n) remove skin sutures or staples

No other

Scope of Practice

2-9-12 Except to the extent set out in this by-law at ss. 2-9-10 and 2-9-11 of this by-law, a Practicing Veterinary Technologist Member may not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine.